Monday, March 05, 2007

The Growing Line

From February 12 to May 5, 2007, an installation entitled The Growing Line is visible at all hours of the day and night in the Tacoma Contemporary (TaCo) windows of the old Woolworth's Building. Located at the corner of 11th and Broadway in the living heart of downtown Tacoma, the piece is best seen on foot.

Using wire as a drawing tool, lighting, cast shadows, and the play of actual drawings on the wall, I created a handmade, industrial growing environment that changes as the light changes throughout the day.


This weekend, I was fortunate to participate in a group show in Pullman, WA, curated by Samantha DiRosa. Titled In(n) and Out of Nowhere, it took place in 12 rooms of the Cougar Land Motel for one evening only. Each of the rooms was transformed into an installation that answered the question, "How does the space perform?" Samantha explains, "The artists were asked to transform the room, while considering the motel room’s many potential contexts. There were some challenges, however: artists were not allowed to remove any contents from the room, and they were prohibited from using the room as a traditional gallery space. They would have from check-in time to 7pm to install, and the room would be returned to its original state by check-out time the following day.

This project brought together artists and architects from the Palouse region as well as the Seattle area. Their diverse installations gave form to such themes as travel, transience, isolation, desire, and the boundary between public and private space, among other ideas."

The link to photos of the show on Samantha DiRosa's website is here.